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Learning to limit scope from both engineers “wouldn’t this cool new feature be great” and end users “we want this new feature we never talked about after agreeing on the MVP” has been a learning experience.

Also learning to explain how and why one feature is stupidly simple and another is exceedingly impossible has been an interesting challenge.

Otherwise nothing particularly revelatory, you will hear all of the typical “learning the people skills” stuff from me. Also people complain privately to their managers way more than you would think.

What's an MVP? Is that like an SoW?

I read MVP as: Minimum Viable Product.

Essentially, the first draft of a product that does what it needs to do to show capabilities to others. Similar to a proof of principle

EDIT: Thanks for the clarification @kweinber, an MVP is put into production whereas a PoC/PoP is not

Ah, thank you. Couldn't get past the "Most Valuable Player" association; it is called a Proof of Concept in my industry.

An MVP is actually released to production and is not a PoC It was popularized by Eric Ries in his book _The Lean Startup_.

PoC is quite different. A PoC has to demonstrate a concept, it doesn't have to provide value. An MVP should be something that is used in a production setting. A PoC is usually followed by a "go / no go" decision, MVP is something that is built after the go.

I think most industries have their own terms for essentially the same base idea.

xkcd [0] made an ingenious comic about this that I keep coming back to

[0] https://xkcd.com/793/

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