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Hi, OpenRCT2 dev here.

FYI: OpenRCT2 has support to consume RCT Classic assets as its base. Also, RCT Classic is available on Steam too (Windows and macOS only, though).

I love the product you work on.

Partially hijacking your comment to say that an easy way to get the original assets in openrct 2 is to install the gog version through wine or play on Linux. Have played it a bit too much to say the least...

If you use gog, there's innoextract for that, so no need for wine or x86 at all.

That's just plain old awesome. Thanks for this!

RCT on Steam has mixed reviews, mostly related to not supporting better graphics. Interestingly, quite a few reviews on RCT on Steam point to OpenRCT2 as a better solution for your RCT fun!

Not having purchased the Steam version, I don't have an opinion on it personally.

I had RTC2: Triple Thrill Pack installed from GoG via Wine on Mac. Experience was mildly annoying mostly because of graphics. Now OpenRTC2 works wonderfully well. Thank you so much! I'll definitely recommend it.

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