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The novel part is not the use of Taylor series for simulation. CNS stands for Clean Numerical Solution. The method of correcting the numerical error in the simulation is what is claimed to be novel.

From the CSN paper:

"the residual and round-off errors are verified and estimated carefully by means of different time-step Δt, different precision of data, and different order M of Taylor expansion....for the considered problem, the truncation and round-off errors of the CNS can be reduced even to the level of 10^−1244 and 10^−1000, respectively, so that the micro-level inherent physical uncertainty of the initial condition (in the level of 10^−60) of the H\'{e}non-Heiles system can be investigated accurately."

This is not a new idea. If you have a variable-order, variable-precision implementation, it's the most obvious way to estimate the error of a numerical solution.

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