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You used to be able to decompile Terraria into perfectly readable code, since its c# and they didnt use an obfuscator. The code base was atrocious, but it is impressive that they got something working, and pretty fun, together as quickly as they did.

These days there are a fair amount of production Unity games out that you can extract full sources for.. Can make for a fun read sometimes.

If I remember correctly, the author of Terraria was also just learning C# as he went on with this project.

It's a huge success story in my book.

I think Unity forces you into a pattern that you are not used to, this can easily get you out of your comfort zone resulting in very funny architecture before you get used to it.

The concept of GameObjects, Components and MonoBehaviours and best practices for how they should be composed isn't exactly obvious. Eg when adding two components of the same type to a GameObject it's hard to know which one of them is which (eg two colliders: one for triggers and one for physics) so instead you add two sub-Gameobjects each with that component attached and use gameobject.GetParent() to modify the parent. Is that best practice or not, i don't know, i just did it and it works but it certainly feels strange.

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