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I do most of my web-dev in Nim these days. Meaning my ELFs are ultimately produced by GCC og Clang. Everyting statically linked - and I mean everything: For clib I use Musl. And then I UPX the bejesus out of them.

It's simply nice to ship a fully working app, with SQLite* and everything, which will basically run anywhere with a Linux kernel, in a single executable far below 2 MB.

*) Yes, the vast majority of the world's websites need nothing fancier than SQLite to keep them happy. And manageable.

SQLite-only can be a feature. On my long list of potential projects is a cloud storage/PIM/etc. application (similar to OwnCloud) that only supports SQLite in order to scale badly to more than 50-100 users, thus forcing users to decentralize and federate.

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