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Lvl5 (YC W17) Is Hiring Data Scientists and Computer Vision Experts in SF
11 months ago | hide
About the role: We have millions of miles of telemetry data to be processed into an accurate map. New data streams in every minute from our network of thousands of drivers across the US from our app Payver (http://www.getpayver.com). Your role as a clever data scientist is to turn this data into the sheet music for a self-driving car.

About you: - You have 2+ years of programming, data science, and/or mapping experience - Strong Python skills, know Scikit-learn, NumPy, or Pandas backwards and forwards - Have written complex, unit-tested, production code on a team in industry - You want a role where every contribution you make directly increases the value of your company. - You have a desire to expand scope to work with sensors like LiDAR, radar, and ultrasonics. - You have a background in machine learning at scale.

To apply, please send an email with your resume (or impressive project page), the name of your most-used Scikit learn function, and a 3-sentence intro about yourself to careers@lvl5.ai


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