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Haha. I like this bug fix fixing an issue with people always vomiting.


I have encountered this bug the other day. Literally unplayable but fun watching the guests vomiting all over the park.

This might be excessively prurient, but I would love to see some gameplay video or screenshots of what an unplayably vomit-filled park looks like.

> This might be excessively prurient

Wait what? What do you want those screenshots for?![0]

[0] - https://duckduckgo.com/?q=prurient&atb=v71-6__&ia=definition

Ha! Conflated "prurient" with "vulgar", though I'm guessing that mistake was (hopefully?) obvious from context.

Thanks for the correction, made me chuckle :)

We have had numerous bugs like this in the past. At one point there was a bug where all guests would destroy everything they walked past.

I didn't laugh until I looked at the diff in the commit. Then I couldn't stop laughing.

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