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Show HN: Eggler – a decentralized Instacart
8 points by kaseyb002 7 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
I've made a grocery delivery app that lets customers hire drivers directly. Drivers post their time slots in advance and then customers choose a time slot/driver.

Drivers choose when and where they will deliver, and their delivery price. It's more like Airbnb's business model than Uber or Instacart.


Seems great. I would like something like that here in Brazil.

My big question for which I can't get an answer, no matter how many times I ask (in the context of Instacard and similar): How does payment works? People pay through credit card on the app, the money is capped, then capped again, then goes to the drivers after a month? How do the drivers pay for the groceries?

Users of Eggler pay twice

1 - they pay eggler (who in turn pays the driver) for the delivery

2 - they pay Walmart for the groceries which the Eggler driver will deliver.

How many drivers/customers do you have signed up?

How do you deal with bootstrapping, that is getting customers without drivers or drivers without customers?

I can't tell if this is a side project or a business. How are you planning on spreading your message?

Providing drivers with tools they can use to advertise their time slots on social media.

What's the difference, really?

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