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Startup Outcome Misled Advertisers with Manipulated Information, Sources Say (wsj.com)
41 points by coloneltcb 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

If I go into a doctors office and I see one of these tablets or tvs pitching drugs to me, I'm out of there. This is ridiculous and beyond exploitive.

It does look an awful lot like a startup whose stated goal was making the world worse. I'd say "I wonder what Alphabet saw in them?", but I'll bet the answer is "$5.5 billion".

Oh look, another over-hyped, over-valued "disruptive" startup that's actually just smoke & mirrors.

Making the world a better place by connecting patients with the drugs they love!

Making the world a better place by finding new ways to plaster ads in our faces (and commit fraud in the process)!

Here's title from the article: "Outcome, a Hot Tech Startup, Misled Advertisers With Manipulated Information, Sources Say".

Taking out those commas make the title confusing.

The original is too many characters for HN

Cooking the books from day one. Who would ever advertise with these guys again when their whole model was revealed to be a scam? What a joke.

I'm so glad advertising drugs is illegal in my country.

In fact isn't it illegal everywhere but the U.S. and down under?

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