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Show HN: Validating the email addresses on signup, contact and subscribe forms (weblegit.com)
4 points by san_at_weblegit 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Hi HN, We are providing a simple to use service to validate the user email addresses at the web doorway for the businesses. We validate the email addresses for more than just the syntax. The goals are three folds, First, give another chance to the real users if they made a typo mistake with their email. Second, Filters the people from entering spam emails with correct syntax. Last, as business/website owner you will have less fake users to chase and waste the monetary and time resources

The service is free to use for the trial period. Thought has been put into making it simple enough to integrate. Integration does not requires any programming skills. We would really appreciate the feedback from the HN community on how we can improve this and make it more usable.

I like your service and been looking for something like this to integrate with my website. I will get in touch with you, I might be your first customer :)

nice, this is something new I would definitely take this service.

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