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Unity 2017.2 is now available (unity3d.com)
40 points by stesch 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 11 comments

Big feature: Better support for creating 2d games which is awesome! It is always annoying to have to deal with "Too many features" (In thie case, the extra complexity of 3D scenes for 2d games) that you dont need.

does anyone know a good oss alternative to unity that supports ios and android? i'm familiar with godot but i don't know how robust it is compared to unity.

I've been following Godot for some time. Development of 3.0 is progressing nicely and looking to have some great features... C#, GDNative (script bindings for other languages: D, Rust, etc.), asset library, a more modern graphics pipeline

My understanding is that those coming from Unity often get tripped up by Godot's scene/instancing system because it's somewhat different than how prefabs work. Subtrees in a scene can be broken out into a separate scene and instanced. Elements as basic as a bullet should be implemented as a scene and then instanced and customized as needed. A common sentiment I've seen is, once it "clicks," they can't imagine going back.

I've only spent a few hours in Godot since recently cloning/building the master branch, and I already have a nice force-directed graph implemented. If it gets to a point where the number of graph nodes affects performance, I can move the force calculations from GDScript to cpp or another native option.

For 2d stuff, haxe is pretty good. If you have any Actionscript 3 experience, a lot of memories will come rushing back to you.

I haven't tried Godot yet but it looks really compelling. I sure wish they didn't make up a new language to script with though, there are already so many good choices. :/

Unreal isn't actually oss but source-available so works well enough. Why not try godot and see if it's robust enough for you? Another open-source engine you could look at is urho3d (it still supports 2d games).

what do you mean source available? can i get the source and compile it myself?

Yes, but it's not "open", per se. You get access to the source, but you cannot distribute it.

how do i get it? isn't the same the case for unity actually?

https://github.com/epicgames/unrealengine. You have to register your github account with them on their website[1] to get access to it. This is not the case with unity.

1: https://www.unrealengine.com/register

You don't get source for Unity unless you pay a boatload of money.

For 2D games, GameMaker is good but has its own scripting language but the language is very similar to javascript.

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