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jhabdas 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite

Article completely avoids the headline. Is instead a walk through guide to buying via Coinbase then transferring to GDAX and back.

Would've liked to simply know if Coinbase is adequate wallet for these upcoming forks to receive equivalent.

Considering BCC still hasn't been given to it's users, I'd say no.

I appreciate that crypto trading is offering a conduit for the less educated sections of society to enrich themselves in the new economy, but bucket shop articles like this should relegate themselves to /r/wallstreetbets and Tim Sykes's web site. Not a tech/business news aggressor.

I honestly couldn't think of a spammier headline.

To boot, the contact information is non-existent on the page, and the page itself looks like a 90's-era spam site.

All this time HN spends focusing on controlling how people speak, and no time on quality control of articles before they hit the front page.

HN is becoming the new Slashdot.

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