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[flagged] US to leave UNESCO (foreignpolicy.com)
47 points by bald 8 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 20 comments

I think the UN is inept at most things but UNESCO I I think is worth staying on for. As an American I am so dissatisfied and ashamed of our current president — a pumpkin of a man.

Agreed, UNESCO is one part of UN I hear about in a positive context. Granted I heard more about its activities outside the US, but still I think this is unfortunate.

This is a really important topic, but the Internet is full of other forums for it. Can we keep hacker news for things at least a little more closely related to its traditional discussion domain? I flagged this item, something I have done with things that make the front page maybe twice over the last several years.

Does this mean we can sell our parks to the Chinese now?



Bear in mind that Israel is still a member and hasn't announced any intention to leave.

This was true at time of writing, but now they've announced they'll leave.

2015 HN: Changes to dotnet core api 1.0.1 2017 HN: The Jews control US politics.

I'm out, fuck this.

This is what flagging us for. Get it off HN. As another commenter noted, this topic is important, but doesn't belong here.

> Guess it shows who is really running the US politics?

Could you be more explicit about what you mean please?

Pardon me if I'm being pedantic. But I think the commenter was saying that the Jews ostensibly control certain aspects of American foreign policy.

> Guess it shows who is really running the US politics?

American evangelicals, who've made over-the-top performative support for the state of Israel part of their "bring on the End Times" religion? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_of_the_Jews)

It's certainly not Israel, given that they're still in UNESCO.

Is 'petty' the right word? I guess any reference to history could be petty in that case.

"Hebron is part of the West Bank, a territory captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast war. The international community considers it to be occupied.".

Perhaps 'recaptured' is a better word given that "Hebron was one of the last cities of Palestine to fall to the Islamic invasion in the 7th century, possibly the reason why Hebron is not mentioned in any traditions of the Arab conquest" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hebron

No, I'm not supporting either side, merely objecting to the word 'petty'.

The current US administration believes that Israel is more important to their geopolitical strategy than UNESCO. Insinuating that it's Israel that runs US politics is anti-semitic. You clearly don't have to jump to that conclusion to figure out why the US is taking this action.

I hate that in US saying anything remotely socialistic gets you branded as a communist, and saying anything against Israel gets you branded as antisemite.

You know, it's funny. Because I'm very critical of Israel's occupation of Palestine (for example, I believe they're occupying Palestine with their military), and I support BDS. These positions are strong enough that they have seen retaliation from several institutions, including state governments. And yet, somehow, I can tell that insinuating that Israel controls the US government is anti-semitic.


Is saying that crony capitalists control the government communist?

Asking for a friend. Please don't dox me!

Crony capitalist is a pleonasm.

Do you think that "Guess it shows who is really running the US politics?" counts as merely "something" against Israel?

>Insinuating that it's Israel that runs US politics is anti-semitic

And so continues the saga of "The Lowest Bar in the World" an anti-semitism story.

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