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It's not so much that lying is intrinsically complicated (I mean, stupid computers provide me with inaccurate information all the time). It's that when evolutionary pressures have heavily selected for things like supplying selected humans with accurate information and distrusting unexpected behaviours from non-human intelligences, it's expecting a lot to get a machine that not only independently develops a diametrically opposed strategic goal, but is also extremely consistent at telling untruths which are both strategically useful and plausible to all observers, without any revealing experiments.

Humans have millions of years of evolutionary selection for prioritising similar DNA over dissimilar DNA, have perfected tribalism, deceiving other humans and open warfare and are still too heavily influenced by other goals to trust other humans that want to conspire to wipe out everything else we can't eat...

Seeing possibilities that humans don't can also involves watching the Terminator movies and being more excited by unusual patterns in the dialogue and visual similarities with obscure earlier movies than the absurd notion that conspiring with non-human intelligences against human intelligences would work.

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