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[flagged] Wikipedia with better readability (thebetter.wiki)
6 points by zjfroot 10 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

I use two windows. I split my screen vertically.

It would be nice if content reflowed to fit my borders, with a bit of whitespace.

Here's a screenshot. https://imgur.com/a/I0hnF

The more readable wikipedia requires horizontal scrolling. (But also note YouTube includes too much whitespace, making the video small. This is a recent, annoying, change that I haven't created a tampermonkey rule for yet.)

You may want to add some spacing between the body text and the right sidebar. Right now, they run right up against each other.

There is no spacing between the info box and the main text, this decreases readability for me.

* -5: Bad (or no) use of white space

* -60: Serif font on screen

* -40: Sharp, plain, distracting boxes instead of whitespace

* -80: Huge margins on a desktop site

* -8816: Loaded with Javascript

Yes, that's under -9000!

> Serif font on screen

Serif fonts work very nicely with sufficiently high DPI, or if they are designed to withstand low DPI like e.g. Georgia. Is there any way for a website to know if it's running on a high-DPI screen?

Font seems too big. Information density is low per viewport

Title is a lie. Just like the cake was a lie.

Images are un-clickable, unfortunately.

white page with js off => zero readability

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