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I wonder if the AI was as annoyed with the music choice as I was.

Aw, that was my one contribution to the video :)! What kind of music would you have preferred instead?

First, turn the volume down. Then music that is quieter, more ambient, and unnoticed, or none at all.

Like this[0] or any electronic genre (without lyrics preferable).

I also did not like the music. Seems trivial and unnecessary to point out, but that's the point: if people can't help but "notice" the music and view it as a distraction, it was a bad choice.

More generally: the cloying, "chipper" stock music of many youtube videos is always irritating to me, and never a good choice for any videos in my opinion.

[0] https://youtu.be/85bkCmaOh4o?t=109

It didn't annoy me, but it definitely gave off a Disney Trailer vibe.

I can just hear the deep announcer voice over the video coming in:

"Coming Winter 2017, A movie about adventure, friendship, AND simulated self-play! Join Burp, Jenny and Bop on a fantastic adventure .... blah blah ..." etc.. hah

Heres an example of good, unobtrusive but fun music for showing AI bots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gn4nRCC9TwQ

As music, I have no problem with it. I just found it distracting for a science video. Turning the sound off helped me to pay attention to the scientific aspects better.

Something a bit more mellow, it called too much attention to itself.

To echo the other person, I'd say the music drew too much attention =) Something mellower and more static perhaps? Just tryna give a concrete suggestion.

some kind of twisted funerary marching tune, something befitting our imminent obsolescence that strikes fear into the heart...

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