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Undersea Microbes Provide Path to Energy Storage (nrel.gov)
12 points by ph0rque 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

I don't see anywhere in the article what they estimate or have tested the full system efficiency to be.

Energy efficiency is not actually that important for this. Currently there are peaking power-plants that are only in use a couple of dozen hours per year which are still extremely important.

Granted, even if Methane was 100% efficiently produced your still down to 60% from burning it. However, the main advantage of Gas turbines is they are cheap when not in use. Paying even 1$/kWh 1% of the time to provide an extra 10% power in those rare cases is really not a big deal. (1$ * 0.01 * .1 adds 1/10th of a cent per kWh to average electricity prices.)

Sure, for basic day night cycle adjustments your going to want hydro or battery storage etc, but you start needing a lot of storage that's very rarely used if you want 99.99+% up-time.

PS: This of course assumes a significant oversupply on average.

Shoot them to venus?

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