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insane? really? over the noise of "parents, teachers, guidance counselors", the existence of institutions charging significant tuition fees to award political science degrees, etc., - what kind of signals would a sane person have detected?

Millions of kids - myself included - did manage to choose degrees that were both intellectually rewarding and commercially relevant.

I mean, it was obvious to me at 17 when my teachers said "it doesn't really matter what degree you do as you go to university to learn to learn" that that was complete nonsense. Of course it matters!

While I agree with most of the sentiments here, what degree would we recommend to kids who are smart but not particularly mathematically inclined?

Business, econ, accounting, nursing. Also develop some useful skills while you are in school, which you won't necessarily get through the degree program.

Uh, that getting good grades for the most part has little to do with intelligence or original thought? This problem is really bad in nearly all non-mathematical/scientific classes.

Those are really the only two observations one needs. One can infer the rest. (For me, at least, these observations became clear towards the end of middle school)

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