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A Giant Hole Has Opened Up in Antarctica (vice.com)
65 points by Red_Tarsius 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

The fact that it's a vice article about a mysterious hole that says nothing other than the hole exists immediately made me think of this:


EDGE nails it but only because VICE is a pretty good parody of itself.

Well, it does say that the hole periodically comes and goes, or at least it has once before, several decades ago.

Literally nothing to see here, at least until some actual papers come out.

TL;DR-- Same hole in same location was observed in the 1970s.


the zpm burried in the lost ancient planetary defence base there must be melting down finally.

Poor Jack is going to have his mind altered again...



That was my first thought too, but would an underwater volcano create such a large hole or would the effect be more localized? It should be easy to verify.

And why would it be seasonal/annual?

(I think it's Cthulhu. I pray I get eaten first...)

Perhaps in the winter it gets cold enough to overcome the effect, and a thin layer of ice gets formed? That would imply an eruption that lasts over a year though. An underground version of Yellowstone?

it's just the end of winter ... normally one would expect such a change at the end of summer, 5-6 months from now

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