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Weebly (YC W07) Is Hiring an Engineering Manager of Growth
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Weebly is looking for an Engineering Manager with experience driving growth. You will work on a cross-functional, data driven team focused on user activation and retention. This role comes with a high degree of autonomy and power to drive Weebly’s future growth.

You will: Lead a team of engineers working to activate new users and drive growth across product areas Directly impact a product that empowers millions of entrepreneurs Proactively identify opportunities to improve our growth and experimentation infrastructure and process Work closely with product, design, and other engineering teams on complex integration efforts and A/B tests Own several core pieces of Weebly’s product Partner with UX design and product to drive your team’s roadmap Provide strong technical feedback to engineers on the team through code reviews, technical design reviews, and collaborative problem solving Develop engineers on the team, helping them grow in their technical abilities Contribute to company wide engineering initiatives as a member of the engineering management team

You may be a fit if you: Are both a highly technical, hands-on coder and effective people manager Have managed a very fast moving engineering team Have a strong analytical foundation and love digging into the data Understand A/B testing best practices and tools

Beyond professional development and practical experience with new technologies, Weebly Engineering gives you the opportunity to work on high-profile projects that make a real difference in the lives of our users. When you deploy an update to Weebly it can be used by millions of people in a single day. Your work can help Weebly users launch their dream business or fund a non-profit. Making a difference matters to us, and helping our users accomplish their goals is the most rewarding part about working on the Weebly Engineering.

If your interested in learning more, please e-mail Raul: raul.lopez@weebly.com

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