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Show HN: Mockoon – mock REST APIs in seconds (mockoon.com)
68 points by 255kb 11 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 29 comments

Hi! I created this new desktop app (made with Electron) to easily mock REST APIs locally. It's available for Windows / Linux / OSX and still in beta but with lots of features and a lot more to come. I developed it for my colleagues and me to help us easier the process of working on upcoming APIs still under development. Feel free to give it a try, any feedback is welcome :) Thanks!

To answer a common question: what differentiate Mockoon from Postman mocking option? It's easier to set up, 100% local (no remote deployment), and requires no account.

Hey could you have the Telemetry be opt in or at the very least allow me to opt out?

Sure! It's on the top of my list

Feature request: Now that you have mocked the RESTful API, it would be great to generate documentation for it.

Thank you for the feedback. Nice idea, I will keep this in mind :)

Two features that come to mind:

Exporting to flat-file would allow mock environments to be versioned using a VCS.

Importing OpenAPI spec (swagger) files could simplify initial setup.

Import/Export feature is definitely on the list. I need to investigate how to do it best. So any ideas like yours are welcome! :)

I second this.

Also, exporting swagger as well as importing swagger may allow automating new version deployments on AWS API Gateway and the like.

Very nice work, love the dark UI.

Thanks! :)

Hi! I have been looking for something, its awesome!

Apart the main use-case, I'm also trying to figure out how to fit it for this use-case – For a specific URL I would like to capture all requests made from the frontend app (JS) in production to the backend, and then replay it for a local version of the frontend.

This is really cool. It's like the counterpart to something like Postman or Insomnia.

This looks really beautiful. What use cases would this be helpful for?

This project is really cool for me. Here's my personal use case that it would solve.

I always begin every Node/Express server project with a unit and integration test file using the request-sync library to make a sequence of synchronous requests and assert everything about each request in each step before continuing. But I can never run those scripts to completion until my server is written, which is much more difficult to test than my test script. (Yes, I'm looking for a meta-test of my test script.) Questions like "am I checking the data in the correct way" and "are all my status code checks the correct number" would be answered if I could make a fake server first, then a unit test, then the real server.

It's easier to make example data than to write a script to check everything in generality if I don't know exactly how the server should behave.

Thank you! I have a use case at work where I work exclusively on a frontend application. And sometimes I need to mock new API routes not developed yet by the backend team. I could hardcode some things directly in the application but mocking with an external tool is more convenient.

nice ,is there any documentation for this

Branding suggestion: I would change the name/logo. Not to be PC, but because the name/logo gave me an immediate cringe and I would have a hard time telling my friends about this service by name. I know it's unintentional by you. Please take a look at the 2nd definition: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/coon

I disagree. Only after I clicked on your link did it occur to me what you were trying to say.

I think it's a stretch. If the word is that taboo to you then what do you call those striped tail critters who get in the garbage? Rac--n?

Trash Panda?

I respectfully disagree. A secondary definition that is offensive to some and entirely unknown by others should not dictate a name change.

I couldn't even imagine how you feel about vinegar.

gar: any predaceous freshwater fish of the genus Lepisosteus, of North America, covered with hard, diamond-shaped scales and having long jaws with needlelike teeth.

http://www.dictionary.com/browse/gar ?

Omg! English is not my main language and I did not know about this second meaning :( This reminds me that most of the time when I try to find a name for something I go to urban dictionary, just in case :D I forgot to check this time...

Anyway, I do not plan to change the name for now. If it becomes obvious that it is offensive for some I will definitely consider this.

Raccoon and "Coon" are very different things. Being said Mockoon doesn't actually make that much sense, raccoons aren't known for mocking. Mockingbirds are, perhaps "Mockingbird"? MockBird? I'm sure you'll figure it out.

All mockingbirds are already used :) I personally like mockoon, sure Raccoon are not known for mocking, but it's the raccoon who mock APIs, why not? Microsoft is far from creating "micro" softs :)

Raccoon and "coon" are uh extremely different things. This is obviously evoking the animal and not the racial epithet. The problem is not that raccoons exist, the problem is that humans were likened to wild animals. No humans are depicted here as animals. There is nothing wrong with raccoons.

You should tell Chris Sawyer about Rollercoaster Tycoon!

good one!! haha never thought of that

These guys didn't think so.


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