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> only on HN could we see child pornography being defended as a victimless crime.

No, not really. I have seen it being defended in multiple places over the years. Mostly places where there are many STEM people and can't bear the thought of certain numbers being illegal.

> First of all, no child should be exploited in that way. Period. Not up for debate.

Exploited in what way? Remember, even a 17 year old taking a picture to show it to his/hers gf/bf is considered CP in every country that I know of. Who is exploited in this case?

> Whether or not they feel victimised at the time by what has happened to them is irrelevant.

If they are a young child then I will agree. If they are a teen then no. I fail to see how this is relevant to the discussion however. We are not talking about the production of CP, we are talking about the consumption and distribution of it.

> So by viewing or obtaining CP, one is supporting and proliferating that material.

How did you deduce that from the previous sentence exactly? In any case, I fail to see how "by viewing or obtaining CP, one is supporting and proliferating that material".

> Here it is again 'CP isn't wrong'. Yes it is, I don't see how you can think it's not.

Viewing or distributing CP isn't wrong because nobody is harmed. I don't see how you can think that it is wrong.

> Every paedophile is a paedophile

Sure? Just like every straight person is straight. That being said not every paedophile is a rapist as neither is every straight person.

> it's a mental health problem

They said the same about homosexuality a while ago. Look what happened to Turing for example, a great mind put to death because he did things that even though they harmed nobody it offended some people in power who considered them gross.

> because frankly if you think being a paedophile is totally fine then you need to get help.

If you think that we should arrest people who have done no harm on another human being directly or indirectly then you are a monster and you should get help.

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