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Declaratively building a Snake clone in the terminal (samtay.github.io)
10 points by mrkgnao 9 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Brick is great. It’s got some quirks, but it’s the best TUI library I’ve used. I’ve made a little text editor, and am currently toying around with building an interactive environment—halfway between REPL and IDE—for a programming language I’m working on. If you’re looking to make a TUI application and want an excuse to dive headfirst into Haskell, brick is a decent place to start.

in a similar vein (though also completely different), here's the game of life in APL:


This is one of my favorite screencasts. I would have a hard time reproducing this thought process, so it feels much more like watching a speed run than a tutorial.

Would be interested in seeing the APL version of this blog post

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