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3D printing gives blind cat eyes (stavros.io)
35 points by StavrosK on Oct 9, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

(By the way, before anyone gets mad at the mistreatment of animals, my cat wore these glasses for all of the two seconds I needed to take the photo, during which time she was more puzzled about what was on her head than in any kind of distress, and continued lounging around after she dropped them.)

Not sure if this is relevant to HN, but I figured I'd post it anyway, some people might appreciate the science that went into the neural-synaptic link.

Thoroughly enjoyed the lolz

I'm glad this isn't what I initially expected, which is news about cats staring into 3D printers subsequently getting blind.

I mean, it depends how close they're staring from.

Computer Aided Tomfoolery :)

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