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70MJobs Seeks Engineering and Sales Lead and Intern
11 months ago | hide
70MillionJobs (S17), the first for-profit recruitment platform for Americans with criminal records, is growing its SF-based team. We're looking for:

Engineering Lead. Help build a mobile platform that on-boards our huge community of job seekers. Job boards are not a good product market fit; we need something faster to use, voice vs. text prompts, video resume platform, etc. This is a great opportunity for a product-centric developer. Significant equity & salary along w/medical benefits.

Sales Lead. In our marketplace, we match ignored talent with jobs that large employers can't fill. We're interested in America's largest employers, who have both a pressing HR need as well as a progressive interest in being second-chance friendly. Uber is our first big customer. This is a fairly sophisticated longish sales cycle scenario, which also requires a hustler who's figuring things out on the fly. Again, significant equity & salary along with medical benefits.

Intern(1-2) Help us w/social media, developing data bases, responding to inbound requests, and lots more. Possibility of full-time employment. We'll pay reasonable transportation costs and spring for lunch most days.

Help us build a big, profitable company that has the scale to save thousands of lives, repair families and unite communities.

Please contact Richard@70MillionJobs.com if interested.

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