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Man-oh-man did that take a while to load...

You can always tell you've landed on a wix site when you're faced with blank screen for a while.

Edit: 10MB... this page is 10MB. https://i.imgur.com/uAoc05H.png

Wow you weren't kidding. 112 separate javascript files totaling 6 MB.

Scroll down to the bottom... it goes up to 40MB.


On the one hand, at least they're doing progressive loading.

On the other hand oh my god it's 40MB, this is pants-on-head crazy.

That's 20X the average web-page size, which is already bloated. 20X . I'm starting to think those Alexa numbers are just being inflated by Wix sites.

I had the same reaction when I clicked the link. Probably the video is the heaviest part. IMO landing pages should load instantaneously.

People are so desperate for a solution to the problem that Wix is doing an extremely mediocre job of solving, that the market has given them a $3 billion market cap with an annual sales rate that will approach half a billion dollars soon.

A few months ago a friend of mine needed a very simple site that he could update on his own (non-technical person). So I gave Wix a try and set him up on their service. I couldn't believe how horrible it was in every possible regard. I incorrectly assumed that given the scale of their business, that surely they had a great product.

I've been working on integrating a client's platform into other platforms. We looked at Wix. From a user standpoint, Wix is pretty slick. They require all their plugins/addons/apps to fully integrate into their UI. Not a trivial barrier to entry! Way better than some app stores that just let you toss up a redirect link and call it a day.

But man their editor, while neat, is just so damn slow. <generic comment about how shit was faster years back despite slower connections and processors>

I scrolled down to the bottom, and when I scrolled to the top, the tab simply crashed. I think the web has gotten so bad that I need to upgrade from a Chromebook even just to view a simple product page.

Thought you were kidding O.o


I don't know what to say. One one hand 40MB is a lot but on the other hand, this landing page is geared towards developers who are likely on desktop or a notebook with Ethernet or decent WiFi...

Before scrolling:

186 requests 32.56 MB / 26.97 MB transferred Finish: 25,125,172.23 min DOMContentLoaded: 735 ms load: 4.53 s

After scrolling:

208 requests 40.59 MB / 0 GB transferred Finish: 21.89 s DOMContentLoaded: 365 ms load: 4.23 s

(uBlock Origin blocked some 14 requests I think)

Most people just load the page and twitch a bit at the noticeable delay.

Devs are going to run dev tools, take screenshots and scream about it on HN.

Stripe.com's product pages are beautiful examples of how to make gorgeous marketing pages at reasonable size (3MB, <1/4 the size of this Wix behemoth)[0].

[0] https://stripe.com/atlas

But who cares? I don’t think their users do, and Wix is growing.

Everyone here is disgusted by it because, it is in fact disgusting from the perspective of a developer.

I spent a few hours with with wix earlier this year while needing help a family quickly get a funeral site up they could hopefully have some chance of maintaining themselves. Getting started is actually pretty slick. The designer software is easy to use and gets a basic decent looking site up extremely fast.

Towards the end of the few hours I was hitting roadblocks left and right. Artificial limitations, edge cases not supported, things that could have been fixed on a real site trivially.

Still, what they’ve built, what it in turn allows pretty nontechnical people to build quickly, is impressive. I think it may have been possible to do better on performance and flexibility without compromising for other users. My guess is it’s not mostly because they are just not obsessing on that part much.

> But who cares? I don’t think their users do, and Wix is growing.

Do Wix users even realize? If they're building their own website then they probably have enough of the javascript cached that they don't realize the performance issues.

For other end users though, they care, they just don't know what's wrong or they can't articulate the problem. They think their computer is getting to slow, or the networks bad, or they have a virus. They'll use vague terms like that because they don't know there's 20MB of javascript running. If a wix site is slow then they're more likely to blame MS or dell or their ISP than to realize wix is the problem.

I've found that many users of Wix and (shitty) Wordpress themes don't care, and are very happy to get a site for a fraction of the cost to get it made 'professionally' (or free, if they just do everything themselves).

I've also found that there's been a steady uptick in clients who are having some success with/through their site, and who suddenly do start caring, for all the reason that we are all aware of (performance affecting SEO, bad mobile experience, the 'visual page builder' not being able to do what they want, etc.).

While it's not always fun work, I do think there's a huge market there for 'people like us'.

I'm not sure what a good analogy would be in other businesses, but perhaps it's a bit like someone with a limited budget starting a cafe with IKEA furniture, finding success, and now having both the need and (some) means to actually buy furniture that can handle the demands of cafe use.

And that's not even considering the huge number of potential customers whose Wordpress site got hacked and who need a solution NOW.

What I like most about this situation is that it's not even entirely bad. Perhaps sometimes it does make sense to start a bar with IKEA furniture because the chance of success is so small. I honestly tell many potential clients to not bother paying me for a good, fast site because all they really need at this point is a decent-ish Wordpress theme or Wix/SquareSpace site.

EDIT: I'm not saying Wix specifically would be an option I would suggest to clients. My experience with it hasn't been too good, and I'm sure there's similar and better options.

Since this is at a beta testing stage, I would like believe that they will address the performance issues.

In the past, it's been said that Wix has shitty SEO, so they tackled it head on and improved it several levels of magnitude.

Putting aside the performance issues for a moment, I think WixCode introduces a lot of potential for web designers and coders alike. There are a lot of benefits, including cloud hosting, DDoS protection, impressive applications market, etc... All with zero code and no headache. I would love that peace of mind back in the days.

Now, they're taking on the developer market, which is a very demanding crowd. I hope they can live up to the high standards.

Bottom line, I wouldn't rush to decide on the fate of this product just yet.

On the other hand, I've been known to be overoptimistic, so...

I have learned that when I load a site on my mobile and it pauses like this, it is going to be as fat as fuck and eat my data cap. I cancel that shit immediately.

Oh shoot.... I just downloaded 10Mb on my data plan :(

I'd say don't browse the web with your data plan if you're concerned for that...

Even if this is an outlier, the average page is still around 2-3MB.

Yeap. The average homepage of the Alexa top 1M is over 3MB: http://www.httparchive.org/interesting.php?a=All&l=Sep%2015%...

Still, that's no reason not to criticize such bloat, especially when they're still quite above average.

Yup even super simple sites built with Wix are a huge download. You can’t read the HTML easily either to figure out why it’s so horrible.

It's actually over 22MB fully loaded from empty cache...

Wix ad plays atleast 5 times a day on youtube. For all that marketing - they have such bad reviews here..

Clearly, HN users not their target audience.

I also get an XSS warning on the website...

Try viewing the site with uMatrix. It's a completely blank white page until you allow scripts, XHR and an iframe.

Just the background video in the head alone is 15MB.

> "Man-oh-man did that take wix to load..."


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