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"Projects will take either 3 times as long or 10 time as long - which is exactly the time it takes you to become disinterested, and interested in your next project."

In the forward to the 1995 version of the Mythical Man-Month, Fred Brooks talks about the axes of expanding a software program. On one axis you go from a program to a "programming product", and that takes 3x effort. On the other axis you turn a program into a "programming system" and that takes also takes 3x effort. To go from a "program" to a "programming system product" takes 9x effort.

So I was struck by how close the numbers were.

Sorry for being such a pedant but I really can't stand to see more misspellings of foreword. It's "foreword", everybody, not "forward", not "farward", not "forword", not any of the thousand uglier varieties I've lately run across, sometimes even in published (and supposedly edited) books.

Apologies, it was a typo. I know how to spell it.

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