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Stanislav Lem's Golem XIV published in his book Imaginary Magnitude https://www.amazon.com/Imaginary-Magnitude-Stanislaw-Lem/dp/...

It might be more philosophy of AI than science fiction. It takes form of series of lectures that superintelligent (singularity level AI) gives to humanity before it goes away.

An amazing short story. A lot of the themes can be found in other of Lems books. If you haven't picked up Solaris yet you really should. It is a great book, and probably the best sci-fi book I've read. Of course there's also his silly short stories 'The Cyberiad' where the stupidest thinking robot appears.

+1 for Golem XIV. I was about to mention this but thankfully you already did.

Is there a category for deep scifi? hardcore scifi? Golem XIV is the deepest scifi I have ever read.

It has many ideas that I have never seen expressed anywhere outside the book.


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