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I like how discrete VG appears to be, and still asking the right questions (at least in the English version [1]).

Two disturbing things other than the obvious ones such as people abusing children. First,

> While the young Canadian unsuccessfully tried to find help to control the desires he felt, the American kept them shut inside. He was afraid any doctor, psychologist or counsellor he consulted would have to report him if he admitted being sexually attracted to children.

I often feel as if, like with drug users, treating paedophilia not as inherent thoughtcrime but as something someone needs help with, could help prevent a lot of abuse. I don't know what I'd do if there was such a taboo on adult men being attracted to adult women.

The second is the state of anarchy we're in at a global level, with law enforcement, criminals, governments and large multinational companies simply being able to go there where the law is most conducive to whatever they want to do, effectively as if there is no law at all.

Both things for which I don't really know how they could be fixed, but which have me concerned nonetheless.

[1] https://www.vg.no/spesial/2017/undercover-darkweb/?lang=en

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