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I feel like eventually some combination of factors would nail anyone against that level of effort and access. It would be interesting if there were a platform for people to compete on how long they can keep their servers up without being compromised.

I've forgotten the link, but there was a detailed story some years ago of a child pornography network where all the participants avoided identification in a long, joint investigation by the international crimes unit of the Five Eyes states.

I think it might have been a Defcon or Black Hat talk on ways of communicating anonymously. They certainly didn't use a web forum, it was more along the lines of posting encrypted messages to Usenet that were widely distributed and could only be decrypted by the recipient.

This was taken as evidence that perfect operational security is possible even against nation-state actors committing a large (but not indefinite) amount of resources.

Thanks, this is the one I was thinking of. Couldn't remember his obscure nickname. I remembered the capture rate in the child pornography group wrong, but the point stands :)

Having read that, I almost wish I were doing something illegal so that I could enjoy such a cat and mouse game.

Maybe there should be some sort of informal game, perhaps played with the major law enforcement agencies, with the goal being to avoid identification. It could be justified by asserting that it would aid in training investigation techniques.

It needn't hand over monetary prizes, just admission of success. Maybe it could trade pictures of cats?

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