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They could, but the AFP is used by those other countries for exactly this reason. They have frighteningly broad latitude when it comes to breaking laws to achieve their goals. In this case, perhaps it was justified, but the VG article posted above raised some concerns with their methods that I agree with.

Should see what our intelligence agencies are allowed to do. Australia has rather weak protections for its populace, and rather strong laws allowing police and intelligence forces to do this. Despite some large controversies, the public doesn’t seem to really mind, which scares me. My state, QLD, literally became a police state in some ways, under Bjelke-Peterson. I don’t forget that, but often it feels like everyone around me does...

I think it's just apathy, politics is mostly a joke here in Australia.

We also don't have the same type of deep distrust of government that some other Western countries have - which is not to say that Australians love their governments, far from it, but we don't exactly have a strong anti-government streak. In many ways this is a good thing, but it does tend to mean we don't spend much time thinking about checks and balances.

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