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Firefox Master Password Duplicate Prompt Bug Unfixed for 15 Years (bugzilla.mozilla.org)
15 points by decisiveness 101 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

pssst here's a dirty secret or two

every piece of software out there that is X years old has bug reports that have gone unfixed for nearly X years.

sometimes it's a bug that impacts you directly and that's sad.

it does not help to call out the developers over the bug, which is how posts like this one probably feel to any mozilla devs who have to be watching

neither do comments on the bug that are not directed at understanding a fixing the bug

so what are you trying to accomplish? are your actions actually helping accomplish it?

I'm not sure what posting this accomplishes, but it certainly was not intended to shame the developers, though I can see how it might be perceived that way. I am more than satisfied and thankful for everything else that Mozilla provides me in Firefox (especially after the 57 update).

It was, more than anything, intended to offer a noticeable bump in hopes that I don't have to continue wasting 5 seconds finding and closing the window every time I open Firefox (as I have had to do since using this feature over the last hand full of years). I've probably spent (roughly) 2 hours of my life closing these duplicate prompts over time.

It's an annoying user experience that seems fixable which is why I'm surprised it still remains at "normal" priority. I would spend the time to read every comment, read through and understand the architecture of this legacy code, fix the bug and submit a patch only to have it code reviewed and have me resubmit or be forced to resign my attempt because political reasons or some other factor, but that would probably take me more than 2 hours so I refrain and hope that it gets fixed in the next 7 years.

Not intending to be snide, just a moderately inconvenienced user trying to stir action.

Why don't you grab the Firefox source code and fix the bug? You're in the perfect position to do so: the bug affects you daily, so you won't have to do anything special to reproduce the problem. You'll also be the one who is most satisfied to see it fixed; you'll be scratching your own itch. You've probably also overestimated the difficulty of getting the patch committed.

So? Non-serious bugs are left alone for years on most large software suites if they're low impact.

I sincerely wish I could put a bounty on this one, it's highly annoying.

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