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> No. It is in an attempt to resolve the real loss of money experienced by everyday users who turn off WiFi when it’s flakey and then forget to turn it back on, costing them cash on their cellular data plan

This. I read this EFF list of "Terrible things" and thought "neat!" for every single one of these items.

The nearly 100% use cases for me turning wifi 'off' is because whatever it's connected to is slow/unresponsive, or some really annoying auto-connection to a pay-wifi in the location I'm currently in. My cell connection is normally good, so sometimes it's days before I notice, or when I get a message telling me that I've used up my allowance, or try to connect to the hotspot/talk to other devices at home.

With iOS 11, without reading these complaints, I'd probably never have noticed that this problem had silently solved itself and stopped annoying me.

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