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So, is this a US only feature?

Is excess data usage severely penalized financially in other countries?

In Denmark, what happens when you reach the limit (on private plans[1]) is that your speed is limited to something between 64-256kbit/sec depending on the provider. You will never be financially penalized for going over.

What is also true, however, is that most basic plans include between 10 and 20 GB of data. You have a really bad plan if you only get 3 GB.

[1]The rules are a bit different for company plans.

>Is excess data usage severely penalized financially in other countries?

I believe it depends on ISP and on specific plan.

My mom has an iPad with a limited to 3 Gb/month dataplan (Italy), a couple of times she managed to go beyond the limit (due to some updates she did when not Wi-Fi connected), since it is a sort of pre-paid account, what happened was that the device became slow as molasses, as bandwidth was reduced to the speed of an analogic modem or something like that.

She still had connection, but to access a web page it took like 3 minutes.

On the other hand, she changed phone from a "normal" phone to a "smart" Android one (she was totally unaware of this and didn't realize that the cellular data was on) but her SIM (also pre-paid) did have an on-demand dataplan (never used before on the old phone), very, very costly and she managed to burn 30 out of 50 € of credit in a couple days (without using the internet at all, just through the "pings" (or whatever) the Android did in background).

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