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I agree it's not a huge security vulnerability, just bad design by Apple.

There are also a few other reasons for disabling wifi - battery life, tracking, debugging connections, and of course security as well (not in response to specific vulnerabilities, but on the principle of less attack surface being safer).

> I agree it's not a huge security vulnerability

Until the next Broadcom WiFi radio vulnerability.

If that's our threat model then we're already hosed. It's not like "turn off your wireless" is a solution to vulnerabilities like this outside of security circles.

Sure we're already hosed, but turn off your WiFi is a fair suggestion. By making it more difficult to determine if the WiFi radio is off and more difficult to disable, Apple is further pushing this solution into "security circles".

But people who know about that will disable it in settings, and the majority of the world will go on using WiFi fully oblivious.

Before the command center existed people weren’t saying having a WiFi toggle hidden in the settings app is a security vunurability.

Manually managing your radio state is almost certainly going to have a net negative impact on your battery life.

Your smartphone screen uses several orders of magnitude more energy lighting up than btle and wifi use while idle.

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