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Yes, good. The new behaviour is better.

See? It cuts both ways, you can't make blanket statements like that - either way - when they're subjective to each user's own use case. I legitimately prefer this toggle, because I so rarely care about wifi being actually, fully off that I'll go to settings.app for that, and the benefit of being able to easily toggle disconnect but keep wifi on for location accuracy easily outweighs that.

I agree that a setting to toggle between both is better but I also default to more settings being better. However, I realise that that's often counter to the Apple Way because they try to strip away all the unnecessary* cruft to try to focus the user into a certain use case and so understand why Apple did it this way, even though it's not my preferred way.

* as in literally not necessary, i.e. nice to have, rather than 'unnecessary' aka 'not useful'

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