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So all these years when Apple showed basically the same visual cues triggered by the same action they were miscommunications to us?

You can’t have it both ways. Apple either miscommunicated this ever since Control center was added till today or they are miscommunication pang today.

I would lean in the direction of miscommunicating today because Apple has spent years teaching its customers that this behavior means X and now it’s been changed to Y.

I believe when they changed the behaviour from turning off WiFi to disconnecting from WiFi, they added the text "Disconnected from networkname". But I don't entirely disagree they should communicate the change better

That only tells me I'm no longer connected to the wifi-network I used to be.

And that's the expected outcome of me turning off wifi. Something I deliberately tried to do through clicking the on/off toggle.

I agree with parent poster: Either apple has been miscommunication the whole time, or they are miscommunication now. You can't have it both ways.

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