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no, the old behavior was better for you.

I hate to point this out, because it seems pedantic and patronizing, but honestly you might need the reminder, that there are other people out there, and no, they aren't all like you.

Here is a common enough non-techie use-case where this new behaviour is clearly a regression: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15413902

This use case should be solved by enabling the “Wi-Fi Assist” feature (which I believe is on by default) or avoided in the first place by turning off “Auto Join” for these networks - then you don’t even need to toggle WiFi.

In the same vain I regularly visit shopping malls. If I go in the week the WiFi usually works no issue, but at weekends when they are busy it can be very slow, so I usually turn off WiFi. With this feature I can still get location accuracy without using GPS (which saves battery) and don’t need to remember to turn it on when I’m home.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the feature, but more the UI and feedback surrounding it. Someone else suggested pressing the button shows a pop up asking if you want to disconnect from the network, or turn off WiFi completely.

I turn off (sorry, disconnect from, in new parlance) WiFi.

Please tell me why this behaviour is better:

- the indicator clearly indicates WiFi is off (it's grayed out, like any other icon that show off state)

- the phone drops my perfectly working stable 4G connection and randomly tries to connect to any shitty wi-fi it can find: a random cafe I pass by, a random hotspot on a random phone eenabled by random people on the train, random public wi-fi spots in public areas

- despite the fact that I told it to disconnect from wifi, it doesn't, and randomly connects to all these shitty networks, often popping up a "hey, select a wifi to connect to"

- And then it just reverts to "always on" at 5AM

How is this better?

It is patronizing and I need no such reminder.

Then stop acting as if your use case is what the majority of users want. If you really care about a toggle that actually turns off the radio, get an Android

Reread what I have written. Your misdirected anger is your problem, not mine.

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