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I just spent a couple of minutes trying to 3D touch to properly disable wifi, then googling how to do this with 3d touch and came up empty.

Either it doesn't work that way, or it's well hidden and appears not great in terms of UX.

Overall, I agree with you though. I'm personally not clear on the utility of turning off just wifi or just bluetooth. I assume (hope) airplane mode turns everything off. But in any other scenario you're still leaking location and other information.

There is no way to 3D touch the bluetooth and wireless radios all the way off in iOS11. You have to manually go all the way into settings.app now which takes quite a bit more effort not to mention longer than the old control center

You can 3D Touch the settings app which provides shortcuts to both bluetooth settings and wifi settings.

Sounds like terrible UX. iOS has only gotten downhill since iOS7 in terms of UX.

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