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This has bugged me too since upgrading to iOS 11. I understand the motivation for the change, but it was not necessary to make the UI misleading. It should very clearly indicate between "off" and "off-ish," and allow switching to a true off state, perhaps by long-pressing the icon to get additional options, like how several other control center panels work.

The messages the display at the top of the screen when you tap the icons were the labels below the icons if you expand the panel clearly show whether the radios are off or just disconnected.

The message says "disconnected", it doesn't say anything about the power state. If I didn't know, it wouldn't occur to me that "off" and "disconnected" are distinct states, especially since this differs from the previous behavior of the same button.

> clearly show whether the radios are off or just disconnected.

I guess you and most of the rest of the planet have very different opinion about what "clearly" means then, otherwise we woulnd't be having this discussion now.

If you are explaining too much then it would mean that its not communicated properly.

There is a rule in UX Design that if you have to explain the UX to people it’s a bad UX.

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