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Electric Honeycombs Form When Nature Gets Out of Balance (nytimes.com)
45 points by ezhil 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

It never fails to amaze me how simple iterated rules can generate patterns that look so deliberately designed.

We still know so __little__ about the workings of the universe, the world, & the human body. Amazing.

Nature has a preference, for wont of a better word, to certain shapes. Here is a quickly found link on the subject of hexagons and nature.


If you blow a bunch of bubbles, those in the middle of the bubble pile will naturally tend to form into hexagonal shapes. Nature is full of them.

Nature is also full of things like the Fibonacci sequence. It's really quite fascinating.

But, yes, we still have a lot to learn about the universe. If the science were complete, we'd no longer need scientists. I think that assuming we know it all, or even that our understanding is correct, is hubris and vanity.

This is the same reason why bees create a hexagonal honeycomb and also I think the reasoning for the structure in a fly's eye.

If you look closely into the case, the student was mentored by Farida Tahir and Muhammad Sabih Anwar, who have moved mountains for the cause of promoting science education in Pakistan.

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