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For those wondering, why the heck are you guys java:

Our tensor library has a python interface in the making: https://www.slideshare.net/agibsonccc/strata-beijing-2017-ju...

Our goal with this will be then to write side by side benchmarks with the other libs that people can easily run. We know a lot of folks from python land won't jump over and we don't expect them to. The hope is that we're equivalent and can integrate better with a big data cluster.

Dl4j is not trying to be TF. When I started dl4j 4 years ago, it was theano and torch as the primary frameworks.

I wrote it for deployment in to production apps and for the hadoop/spark ecosystem.

We will continue that going forward at the eclipse foundation as well as using dl4j in our product.

Please check out the oreilly book as well (currently #2 on amazon right next to the goodfellow book):


Email in profile if there's any specific questions.

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