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This is completely true! I'm very much learning as I go -- back at university when we did user interfaces it was all done in-code: I learned Java and TCL/TK without IDEs, then went on to do web programming and commandline stuff that didn't really need an IDE. So to actually start learning how to use an IDE I not only have to learn about design via IDE but also how the IDE works (also Obj-C, but that's another story) :)

And this is why I am still soldiering on with my little app (which is really just a learning opportunity for me rather than anything I plan on capitalising on, so it's okay for me to make mistakes :). I'd like to learn how to do it better, and you're right, that comes with experience. That said, I think the new XCode will help people like me a bit more because it will probably be easier to see the links between the UI and the code. :)

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