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Sorry to be that guy, but: I spend over $5m a year on rtb ads. I literally spend 50 hours a week doing this. If the money I spend doesn't produce verifiable results, I lose it.

For example, that 40cpm is to reach a pool of <1000 users who are in charge of purchasing for networks of hospitals, and my ads are for MRI machines. 3rd party data is unbelievably valuable, probably $1.5 million of my budget goes to data costs alone.

That doesn't add up. I've managed budgets a magnitude higher, know the founders of every major SSP and DMP, and now specialize in B2B marketing for F1000 companies with long sales cycles. If you're really trying to reach a pool that small, open web advertising is incredibly inefficient.

This is well understood by the adtech community and even the flashy new "ABM" companies will tell you the same. 3rd party data is universally terrible. At best, it'll work at scale (of millions) on general demographic details but will definitely not recognize 1000 people on the open web.

That kind of list might work on Linkedin or Facebook with email targeting but it would be easier to focus on niche trade sites without any data, or just use a direct sales team. That $1.5M in data you're paying for would have much better ROI with a good VP of sales.

They're swayed by ads? I'm surprised they don't need to do a formal RFP among the handful of companies who can make an MRI certified for medical use.

The targeted viewer may see the ad and start thinking "we need a better modern MRI with whatever fancy feature I read about here" or "we could hire a new MRI from xyz cheaper than our current contract!".

Sometimes you can prod your potential customers into action.

Who do you send the RFP to?

That anyone would be influenced in what MR scanner they buy due to Facebook advert is amazing. It would also explain things I hear from radiographers overseas. Wow. Are you able to state which vendors buy Facebook adverts (I assume you can’t)?

Might be better off spending £5k+ on personal gifts for each decision maker than bothering with Web advertising if it's that few people you're targeting :-)

I may not be a lawyer, but gifts of $5k to induce someone to purchase a thing for their workplace feels like it should count as corruption and bribery.

If someone tried to do that to me, I’d report the attempt to the company lawyer, and I’d doubt the quality of the thing they were selling was as good as the quality of the thing the other poster was advertising.

Welcome to the advertising industry. You'd be surprised what goes on when media buyers control so much money. There are 20 year old planners with control of 7+ figure budgets for major brands - you can bet they're getting plenty of gifts.

5k+ per person would be bribery. I hope he meant 5k in total..., 1000 gifts of 5$ would be ok

I'm sure he meant what he said. Do the math. He was trying to point out that it would cost the same either way. But if you give the mark the money, it would have a much greater effect than 5k on silly web adds.

what about a $5k rebate or discount?

Difficult to say. My mental framing has, as a result of my previous post, become “be suspicious”.


That honestly sounds borderline mafia or cartel style... "We're going to bribe you, you're going to take it, and since we all know it's illegal, you're on the hook with us all. Welcome to the game kid."

If I’m ever in a position to be worth anyone trying to bribe me, I’ll try to make sure nobody is in a position to threaten me like that.

Fortunately for me, I don’t control any budgets.

In the old days, you would do that.

Now that’s not allowed in most places, plus you need to hire fancy salespeople to deliver those gifts.

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