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Can I share stuff with my friends? Suppose they already host my backups and I host theirs, can I easily give them access to some of my files?

You can definitely share stuff with friends. Strictly speaking, right now your friends don't "host your backup" _unless_ you share with them.

Can you go into a little more detail about sharing? Are my files kept on my devices when shared or does it implicitly mean shared files are read/write accessible by others? If so, is there a way of managing permissions?

We have implemented full-fledge access control including file ownership, read/write permissions on data/metadata, list/add/remove permissions on directories, etc. But we disabled it from the interface to keep user experience as simple as possible.

Later on we may enable them based on use cases and user feedback. Our API will include ACL management as well. Currently files are read/write accessible once shared.

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