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#4 is interesting—but how do you define "devices?"

I have, say, 500GB of music. It doesn't fit on my laptop, so it "lives" on an external HD. Could it sync the laptop with the HD so that I always still have access to a set chunk—say, 10GB—of my most-recently-used music files? This is a capability I've been waiting for something to support ever since I bought the drive.

a device is anything that can run AeroFS. We can (and plan) to do exactly what you described for caching data in between _devices_, but we haven't really considered the use case where you may want access to your most recently used external HDD data (in this case, the external HDD is really more like a part of your laptop device)

Could you run multiple instances of AeroFS on the one device and assign different stores to each? That might be a reasonable workaround, assuming that it's not more work than doing it "properly".

Actually in theory AeroFS can run multiple instances on one device, and we are actually thinking it as the workaround :)

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