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Michael Mol did a demo of rosetta for the Lansing, MI perl mongers and it was a riot (far better than my DBIC/architecture talk).

There are fewer better forms of entertainment for geeks than eating pizza while discussing common programming expressions implemented in bizarre and obscure languages.

Yeah, the site is fantastic. He's a funny dude.

I helped out with RosettaCode a few years back, hosted it for a little while on my SliceHost instance when they had some trouble. My <a href="http://rosettacode.org/wiki/User:Mwn3d>good friend</a> contributes all the time.

Glad to see the site still exists and is flourishing, albeit slowly.

And much appreciated. I don't know when I'd have had the stones to switch to VPS (I still don't think of myself as a sysadmin all that much) if you hadn't helped us jump over to Slicehost. I've got a 2GB RAM node over at prgmr.com, now; more RAM than I know what to do with.

Site grows slowly because it's growing steadily. Well, that, and I haven't had the time to set up income or the really nice features that would depend on it. :)

If you ever hit the GRR area, I need to buy you a drink.

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