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jamespitts 1371 days ago | link | parent

Michael Mol did a demo of rosetta for the Lansing, MI perl mongers and it was a riot (far better than my DBIC/architecture talk).

There are fewer better forms of entertainment for geeks than eating pizza while discussing common programming expressions implemented in bizarre and obscure languages.

qrush 1371 days ago | link

Yeah, the site is fantastic. He's a funny dude.

I helped out with RosettaCode a few years back, hosted it for a little while on my SliceHost instance when they had some trouble. My <a href="http://rosettacode.org/wiki/User:Mwn3d>good friend</a> contributes all the time.

Glad to see the site still exists and is flourishing, albeit slowly.


mikemol 1370 days ago | link

And much appreciated. I don't know when I'd have had the stones to switch to VPS (I still don't think of myself as a sysadmin all that much) if you hadn't helped us jump over to Slicehost. I've got a 2GB RAM node over at prgmr.com, now; more RAM than I know what to do with.

Site grows slowly because it's growing steadily. Well, that, and I haven't had the time to set up income or the really nice features that would depend on it. :)

If you ever hit the GRR area, I need to buy you a drink.


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