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Another hilarious consequence. Firefox, if you try to middle click a link and miss, would try to interpret whatever is in your paste buffer as an url. It would do an i'm feeling lucky search on google and send you to that page.

For a long time I thought that opening links in a new tab would sometimes take you instead to a random page on the internet.

You can get around this by turning on the "autoscroll" feature, since that's activated by a middle-click. I've often wondered just who exactly Mozilla thought the "paste in window goes to URL" feature was for; feels like the sort of thing that gets left in because its fanbase includes one of the developers.

It's a Unix thing, and AFAIK, only exists in the Linux version of Firefox. By the way, you don't have to disable the autoscroll feature to disable this; just go to about:config and toggle middlemouse.contentLoadURL to false.

I use it, like it, and miss this in Chrome. Rather than aiming for the address line, I can just drop a link anywhere on the page.

Perhaps it's a Linux thing. When I'm on Macs I also have trouble remembering that I have to explicitly 'Copy' things before I can paste them.

"I'm telling you guys: This feature is going to be SWEET."

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