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You should take a look at http://www.wuala.com

I've used wuala for linux and have found it quite rough around the edges.

  * not completely decentralized or open source.  If wuala goes out of business, your data may not be recoverable.
  * web interface is lacking (poor folder navigation/listing)
  * doesn't work without X on linux
  * even with X, not all features are available through the command line or API, though some are
  * the interface that is provided is clunky
  * the status messages leave me wondering where in the process an update is.  If a piece of software can't reliably tell me where it is in a process, I can't trust that the process is happening the way I expect.

Yep, Wuala is not completely open source and it is a business. Your worry that they might go out of business soon is mitigated quite a bit by the fact that they have been acquired by LaCie [1] over a year ago.

I suppose Linux definitely isn't their main market and while the Web Interface is lacking at the moment they are working on an overhaul.

[1] http://eu.techcrunch.com//2009/03/19/wuala-merges-with-lacie...

I agree, though I believe they're working on it. The technology is very impressive if you look into it.

Concerning it not being completely decentralized - I consider it a plus since that fact ensures greater reliability.

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