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So many questions...

1) Does it work well with huge files? 1GB+ etc? Will a 1-byte change mean complete download to all devices?

2) Does it work well with 100k small files in deeply nested folders?

3) Will you charge for software and/or support?

4) What happens when one of the devices doesn't have enough storage? 4GB SSD laptop vs. 100GB HDD.

5) Will any of my computers have to be up 24/7?

1. It should work great for huge files, especially over LANs. Right now a 1byte change will mean a re-download, but one of the first things we're doing is introduce diff-based downloads :)

2. It should

3. We're not 100% sure how we're going to charge for it yet, but anyone who signs up for the beta will be grandfathered into whatever system we end up using (i.e. you won't have to pay)

4. I'm actually going to address this in a separate post, but we've designed it in such a way where you'll actually stream files from one device to the other (based on a least-recently-used policy), so in effect you should have access to ~104GB of data.

5. This relates to #4, but is up to you, largely. If you have computers that are up 24/7, great. If you don't, you can leverage our cloud servers for better availability.

#4 is interesting—but how do you define "devices?"

I have, say, 500GB of music. It doesn't fit on my laptop, so it "lives" on an external HD. Could it sync the laptop with the HD so that I always still have access to a set chunk—say, 10GB—of my most-recently-used music files? This is a capability I've been waiting for something to support ever since I bought the drive.

a device is anything that can run AeroFS. We can (and plan) to do exactly what you described for caching data in between _devices_, but we haven't really considered the use case where you may want access to your most recently used external HDD data (in this case, the external HDD is really more like a part of your laptop device)

Could you run multiple instances of AeroFS on the one device and assign different stores to each? That might be a reasonable workaround, assuming that it's not more work than doing it "properly".

Actually in theory AeroFS can run multiple instances on one device, and we are actually thinking it as the workaround :)

I am working on something exactly similar in my free time as a side project. Nothing to show yet, but I am currently playing with rsync to support incremental diff-based syncs.

Will your program be open source?

yeah rsync is the de-facto standard for delta sync I think :) Open API and/or open source part of AeroFS are in our plans.

The streaming part is neat, providing access to data well beyond the storage capacity of your current machine. ZumoDrive (former YC company) also focuses on the streaming aspect.

Your headline is ingenious: "We may be late to the party, but we brought a keg."

That's pretty much Yuri's modus operandi.

Ain't that true. I think Yuri owes us a keg next time we see him.

second that =)

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